How to Buy Bitcoin With A Paypal.


June, 2017


Buying Bitcoins with Paypal is not the most kosher way of getting your hands on some digital currency, but for many Americans it is the most simple.  The method I’m going to tell you about uses the Bitcoin exchange called VirwoxFees are slightly higher than normal – a whopping 10% – but it’s really the only viable option.


1.  Click this link:  Virwox, and sign up for an account.  Then go ahead and fill out all of the appropriate information that they ask for. 

2. Then head over to the left column where it says “Deposit.”  After clicking “Deposit” then you can choose the Paypal option.


How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal
How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

3. After purchasing the Bitcoin with your Paypal and clicking through the Paypal prompts, simply go back down to the left hand side and click USD/SLL.  What you are now going to do is buy “SLL” which is a type of internet money used for a game.  You have to do this because it is not technically a fiat currency and therefore, it is permitted to purchase it with Paypal.  You enter in your amount in dollars in the “I want to sell _____ ” area, and hit “next.” Shown Below.

How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal
How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

4.  Now what we do is repeat the process, but this time head back down to the bar on the left and click SLL/BTC – we are going to use the SLL we just bought as a middle man for the BTC.  Go and repeat the process, except this time you will be getting BTC.  Then go down to “Withdraw” and enter in your adress and the amount in BTC you’d like to withdraw.  Shown Below

How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

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