Minexcoin is the most innovative new cryptocurrency because of its ability to resist volatility.

Many cryptocurrencies would be simply unusable due to their volatility.  Even Bitcoin – sometimes fluctuating $700 a day – isn’t a viable option for daily use.  Minexcoin claims to be able to overcome this hurdle by ensuring the users deposits into the Minexbank.  This allows the coin to fluctuate with the daily candor of cryptocurrency markets that are earning people so much money, yet remain stable enough to use in our everyday lives.  Minexcoin also offers predictable increase for even more assurance of its legitimacy.

The Minexbank will be governed by a team of economists and app developers at first, and then it will eventually be shifted over to the shareholders (us!)  I’m personally really excited about this coin and I think it’s going places, smart investments are how people make it big! MNC is currently available at a 10% bonus for one more day, then it continues to step down all the way to the 13th of June when it ends.  It will be available to trade the very next day!